Catalyst & Chemical Containers (CCC) supplies Catalyst-Bins to the Petroleum Refining, Gas Processing and Petrochemical Industries which are approved for road, rail and maritime transport of dangerous goods in class 4.2.

Spent hydro-treating catalysts are typically classified as UN 3190 and are therefore regulated under dangerous goods class 4.2 and in addition are listed hazardous wastes under regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Typically spent hydro-treating catalysts are classified as self-heating solids, which in turn, are classified under packaging group Y, X or II, I.


CCC Catalyst-Bins have an UN 11 A/X approval:

UN = United Nations

11 = IBC for solids

A = IBC made of steel

X = Approved packaging group X,Y,Z / I, II, III


All individual Catalyst-Bins are maintained and pressure-tested to comply with international road (DOT/UN), rail (VLG) and maritime (IMO/UN) regulations. In accordance with the regulations, all CCC Bins require an affixed data plate where Catalyst-Bin data can be found.

A lift test on the Catalyst-Bin is part of the approval, and has been tested on twice the maximum gross weight of the Catalyst-Bin.

Our Catalyst-Bins are professionally maintained for optimum performance (cleaned, inspected, repainted and repaired after each use). Catalyst-Bins eliminate the environmental problems associated with single trip packaging such as drums, sacks, boxes and pallets.

CCC U.S.A. has retained a nationally recognised environmental services firm to train personnel in accordance with regulations. Training includes RCRA Generator Training in 40 CFR 262, 263.12 and DOT Hazmat Training in 49 CFR 172.704 (a) (1).

The CCC service centres have been independently audited for compliance, and are registered as small quantity generators. All CCC U.S.A. service centres have received EPA ID numbers, whereas CCC Europe is approved through BAM/TNO.

We will properly manage, and transport under a manifest all Catalyst-Bin heels and residues to an EPA Approved Treatment, Storage, Disposal (TSD) Facility.

CCC facilities are available for inspection and audit by your appointed environmental professionals.