CCC has been providing rail transport and bulk services for fresh and spent catalyst since 1995.
Our fleet offers an economical method of transportation.

Our innovative railway BINCARS transport up to 34 Catalyst-Bins and 132,700 pounds of spent catalyst, making each movement cost effective and efficient.
By utilizing Catalyst & Chemical Containers (CCC) Services, you can streamline the logistics and costs of transportation of your fresh/spent Catalyst-Bins.

BINCAR Features

  • Specially designed cradles keep each Bin securely in place during transit
  • BINCARS are traced everyday while in transit
  • Can transport up to 34 Catalyst-Bins per shipment
  • Ease of loading as BINCAR can be loaded from either side

• More Pounds Per Shipment with Reduced Exposure
• Reduced Liability
• 1 BINCAR Equals 4 Truck Loads
• RFID Tag for 24 Hour On-Line Tracking
• Emergency Response
• Fewer Manifests
• Minimal Manpower to Load/Unload

Transportation Management
• Arrange for BINCARS to be routed to your facility
• Coordinate loading and unloading of Catalyst-Bins
• Assist in the preparation of necessary documents
• Provision of daily shipment tracking reports

High Standards Assurance
• All BINCARS are approved, by the Association of American Railroads (AAR)
• Have transported in excess of 150,000,000 pounds of catalyst by rail