Catalyst & Chemical Containers’ Catalyst Bins can optimize the total costs of a refinery shutdown operation. We enable refiners to unload catalyst in a safe and efficient way compared to other packaging.

We serve internationally for the everyday handling of fresh, spent and presulfided catalysts.

Our catalyst containers can be stacked two high to reduce storage requirements with 1 container holding the same volume as at least 10 drums. The top lid covers the opening and lets water run off naturally. Every CCC Catalyst Bin is UN/11A/X or UN/11A/Y approved for road, rail and maritime transports. The 0,2 bar pressure test that is performed on every individual container gives you maximum guarantee on a hermetically sealed (inert) environment for your catalyst. And no environmental disposal required as the Bins are for multiple-use allowing to meet sustainability goals. Our Catalyst Bins are built to withstand rough handling and accidental rollovers.

Catalyst Bins are available for long and short term rental periods and eliminate the need for capital outlay.

CCC offers industry-leading standard designs and custom-engineered units to suit specific needs ranging from rigid steel packaging and composite one-way packaging, to high-efficiency bulk packaging.