The benefits of using the CCC Catalyst-Bin:

  • Protect materials from exposure, contamination and risk of fire through use of hermetic seals
  • Reduce storage and transport costs with Catalyst-Bins designed to be stackable
  • Easy access from all sides with 4-way forklift entry
  • Increase storage capacity – up to 87 ft3/2M of material per Bin, 33-50% more than the alternatives
  • No environmental disposal required as containers are for multiple-use
  • Save time and labour costs with faster reactor loading/unloading times (each Catalyst-Bin holds the equivalent of 10 drums)
  • Ability to easily track and trace product throughout its journey with individually bar-coded Bins
  • Accurate up-to-date tracking, monitoring and reporting of every container movement through the CCC Worldwide Asset Tracking System (WATS) accessible through a Portfolio system for customers
  • Reduce the total costs of the shut-down operation with the ability for refiners to unload catalyst safely and efficiently
  • Global presence with a network of locations across the globe
  • Access to independent pooling experts across a multitude of global supply chains


In Summary

  • No capital outlay for one-way packaging
  • A global pool of containers and qualified staff are always available
  • Global Service Centre Network
  • CCC simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your core business